Our Vision

KIPP: Tech Valley Primary Charter School students will develop habits of mind and heart needed to fully engage as global citizens in the 21st century. High expectations for academic excellence and behavioral norms will be balanced with the consistent acknowledgement of effort and demonstration of empathy. Students will be empowered to build their own identities and influence their future. Here, education will be an inclusive process that strongly embraces our families, responds to the context of our community, and encourages students to apply what they learn at school to making positive changes in their world.

KTV Primary School opened its doors in August 2016 with four sections of kindergarten classes. When fully grown in the 2020-2021 school year, KTV Primary will host students in grades K through four. Students will then attend KIPP: Tech Valley Charter Middle School for their fifth through eighth grade experience. The focus of both the culture and the curriculum of the school is based in the Whole Child Approach to Learning and emphasizes the real world application of knowledge, skills, and character habits learned in school. KIPP Tech Valley Primary Charter School also aims to ensure that the curriculum is context responsive in addition to ensuring students are on the trajectory to college readiness according to the New York State Common Core Standards.


Engagement - Students will actively engage in problem solving, critical thinking, academic discourse, play, and community activities outside of the school setting. As a school we commit to engaging our students, families and community in the work that we do each day.

Empathy - Students consider others perspectives in moments of celebration and conflict, and use this understanding to make decisions on how to treat people in a given situation. As a school, we will balance empathy with high expectations because we realize that our decisions impact the lives of students and families

Effort - Students understand that effort yields its own rewards, and that sometimes things require you to work extremely hard . As a school, we will work hard each day to ensure we are completing our mission and fulfilling our promises to students and families, even when it’s hard

Excellence - Students will aim to exceed what is expected of them, always going above and beyond to present their best self. As a school, we commit to excellence by setting high expectations for students and families and providing support to meet them.

Empowerment - Students will feel empowered to influence outcomes in their lives through the reputation they create by what they choose to do and say. As a school, we commit to creating experiences that will empower our students and families on the path to and through college.