One of the key tenets of charter schools is their ability to innovate. That innovation can take many forms, and at KIPP charter schools it often means a longer school day and year. At Albany’s KIPP Tech Valley Primary Charter School scholars are afforded non-optional summer programming to ensure they are learning all year long. 

We recently caught up with School Leader Maya Tucci to check in on the summer program and how the school’s youngest scholars are responding to it.

“One of the pillars of KIPP is more time, which for us means a longer school year. We provide our students with 200 days of learning, over the traditional 180. We prioritize summer learning, and it starts with our kids entering Kindergarten. The first part of our program for our youngest students focuses on school rules and what types of behavior we expect. We then move on to learn about the school values, routines, and eventually get immersed in academics,” Tucci said.

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